Mid-drive e-bike conversion kit with torque sensor – BikeBoost 750W


E-bike conversion kit based on a mid-drive motor with torque sensor, with a power of 500W.

With a torque of up to 100 Nm, this motor surprises with its power, considering how small it is.

The torque sensor senses the force with which the pedal is pressed and the motor will consequently generate a proportional force. You can, of course, set the level of assistance you want to receive from the electric motor. You can, of course, set the level of assistance you want to receive from the electric motor.


Mid-drive e-bike motors have become increasingly popular in recent years. Besides the fact that a mid-drive motor is more reliable when climbing steep hills than the “wheel hub” motor (those integrated in the wheel), a mid-drive motors is rather stealth, more difficult to notice, due to its location and size. This means that your bike attracts less attention and is therefore safer.

Mid-drive motors are located closer to the center of the bike, and engine power is transferred to the rear wheel via the bicycle’s chain drive.

An overview of the advantages of the mid-drive motor:
universality: easily fits most types and sizes of frames
quick start: reacts quickly when the pedal is pressed, so restarting your trip after a short stop is extremely easy
safety: the motor stops as soon as you release the pedal, so you are safe at the traffic light, without having to press the brakes
perfect synchronization: the output of the motor is proportional to the force with which you press the pedal, hence you will feel a perfect harmony between your effort and the power you receive from the motor.

The BikeBoost 750W mid-drive e-bike kit with torque sensor contains:
1. electric motor with torque sensor with a power of 750 W
2. battery
3. display with control panel (from which you can make various settings and you can view a series of parameters such as instantaneous speed, battery charge level, number of kilometers traveled, etc.)
4. wiring

Other features:
1. Quick assembly
2. Integrated controller and torque sensor on both sides
3. Assistance ratio (compared to the force applied by the cyclist): 36% -300%
4. Speed ​​limit: not set
5. Efficient, with low power consumption
6. Interrupts the power supply to the motor when you lift the foot from the pedal

Additional information

Weight 3.6 kg
Tip motor


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Limita de viteza

Not set



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4 (Eco – Tour – Speed ​​- Turbo)

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